NST 3 Temperature Zone 150 Mm OD PECVD Furnace

NST 3 Temperature Zone 150 Mm OD PECVD Furnace


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3 Temperature Zone 150 mm OD PECVD Furnace

TMAX-1200-1200-1200 system is composed of TL1200 vacuum tube furnace, quartz vacuum chamber, rf power supply, GX gas supply system, pumping system and vacuum measurement system.

Main features:

  1. The gas in quartz vacuum chamber is changed into ionic state by rf power supply.
  2. PECVD is lower than normal CVD for chemical vapor deposition.
  3. The stress of the deposited films can be controlled by the frequency of rf power supply.
  4. PECVD has high deposition rate, good uniformity, consistency and stability than normal CVD.
  5. Widely used in the growth of various films, such as SiOx, SiNx, SiOxNy and amorphous silicon (a-si: H), etc.

The TL1200 – PECVD system technique to the Swedish Kanthal resistance wire heating element, using double shell structure and 30 program temperature control table, phase-shifting trigger, thyristor control, furnace using polycrystalline alumina fiber material, can stainless steel flange seal on both ends of the furnace tube, stainless steel flange installation have a mouth, valve and pressure gauge, vacuum, vacuum degree can reach 10-3 Pa, low temperature field balancing, surface temperature, lift temperature rate, energy saving, price concessions, etc.

  1. Kanthal A1 resistance wire of Sweden

Kanthal A1 Original wire            Chinese resistance wire furnace              VS       Imported resistance wire furnace

(1), high surface temperature can reach 1420 ℃

(2) the surface is stainless steel (very bright, the customer should pay attention to it), it will not rust, and the use time will not fall off the slag.

(3) data of Kanthal resistance wire is downloaded

(4) Kanthal resistance wire website: www.kanthal.com

(5) the resistance is balanced and the temperature field is equally good

Most of the manufacturers use fe-cr-al Alloy doped by Mo resistance wire, which

Sometimes the resistance is uneven and part of the heat is small Kanthal A1 resistance is uniform and heat balanced, good Temperature field effect

2.Installation of air switch and leakage protector:

When an electric current or leakage, an empty meeting automatically disconnects.

3.Can connect with computer

This furnace is equipped with communication interface and software, can be directly through the furnace computer control of each parameter, and can be observed from the computer PV on the stove and SV temperature value and instrument operation, the actual temperature of the furnace curve drawing computer real time, and can keep the temperature data of each time, can call up at any time

  1. Chamber 

 (1) High quality high pure alumina polycrystalline fiber cured furnace with vacuum suction and filter molding.

(2). Adopt Japanese technology to form.

(3). The spacing and pitch of the resistance wire in the furnace are arranged according to the best thermal technology of Japan, and the temperature field is simulated by thermal software

 (4). Using 4 weeks heating, the temperature is more balanced

  1. optional UL certified electrical board (all through the UL certification of imported electrical appliances)

  1. Trigger

Soft-start current limiting trigger                                         Most manufacturers use non-limiting Xiamen Bode triggers

1 phase shift trigger (with soft start and current limiting function)

2 Current limiting function no matter how to adjust the heating time we electric furnace after the transformer secondary current is limited to 170A or less limited protection of the equipment.  Non-limiting trigger if the heating rate is set incorrectly or too fast. Low current current is very large the device will trip or burn out.

3 soft-start function the current will slowly increase the current the impact of the heating element is small is conducive to the extension of the life of the heating element

4 the protection function If the current exceeds the limit current the trigger will automatically cut off the trigger function to cut off the current protection furnac

7.UL certified transformer

1 the transformer cable is pure copper

2 the transformer sound small

3 the transformer temperature is low

8. A variety of options to choose a variety of flanges (diameter from 25 to 250mm)


model TMAX-1200-1200-1200 – I TMAX-1200-1200-1200-II TMAX-1200-1200-1200-III TMAX-1200-1200-1200-IV
Tube size 120 (OD) X1800mm Dia 60 (OD) X1800mm Dia 80 (OD) X1800mm Dia 100 (OD) X1800mm Dia
Overall dimensions(LXDXH) 1800 x480x680 1800 x410x610 1800 x410x610 1800 x460x660
The power supply voltage 220 v
Slide rail material 304 stainless steel
Sliding mode stainless steel rolling bearing
Number of phase Single phase
Heating element Import Swedish Canthal A1 resistance wire click into data download
The control mode Using the yu electric program control thermometer (standard)
1. 30 program control temperature intelligent PID adjustment.
2. The heating circuit of the electric furnace can be automatically cut off when it has been protected by warm or broken accidentally. (when the furnace temperature exceeds 1200 degrees or the thermocouple is broken, The ac relay ON the main circuit will be automatically disconnecting, the main circuit is broken, the light ON the panel is out, OFF the light, the limited protective electric furnace.
3. With 485 communication interface (standard and standard for choosing software)
4. It has the function of power failure protection, that is, when the power is off, the program will not start up from the beginning temperature, but the furnace will start to rise when the power is off.

The instrument has the function of temperature self-setting

(to replace the imported instrument, we need to pay another fee.)

FP93 temperature control table(SHIMADEN)

European instruments  Touchscreen instrument

The temperature control mode PID
Broken even protection and display Yes
Over temperature protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Control precision + / – 1 ℃
The trigger Phase shift trigger
Electrical appliances Zhejiang chint
Silicon controlled rectifier 106/16e west gate, Germany
The highest temperature Temperature Zone1: 1200 ℃ temperature zone 2:1200 ℃
The rated temperature Temperature Zone1: 1100 ℃ temperature zone 2:1100 ℃
Heating rate The 20 ℃ / Min or less (can modify according to the requirement)
Recommended heating rate 10 ℃ / Min or less
Model of thermocouple Zones 1: temperature range of K type 2: K type
Heating length Zones 1: temperature range of 200 mm. 2:200 mm
Electrical certification CE
Surrounding surface temperature 45 ℃ or less
Rf power supply  (plasma generator)
Power output range 0-500 w
Maximum reflected power 200 w.
Working frequency Rf: 13.56 MHZ plus or minus 0.005%
Power stability + / – 0.1%
Harmonic component – 50 or less DBC
Rf width 0-600 – mm is adjustable
Matching mode automatic
Cooling mode Air cold
noise The < 50 db
The radio frequency interface 50 Ω N – type
Input power 208-240 – v 50/60 hz
Main parameters of GX gas supply system mass flowmeter
The standard range
Using the proton flow controller 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 SCCM, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 SLM
(you can choose the range of the range and the type of the gas)
Maximum working pressure 3 mp
The accuracy of Plus or minus 1.5%
The pressure drop < 0.01 mpa < p = “” >
Repeat accuracy Plus or minus 0.2% F.S
Channles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (optional )
Joint type Double cassette stainless steel connector
System work pressure range 0.1 ~ 0.5 MPa
Working temperature 5-45 ℃
Pressure vacuum watch 0.1 ~ 0.15 MPa to 0.01 MPa/case
Static mixing chamber Dia50 X 400 mm
interface Dia6 1/4″
The power supply 220 v
size 600 x600x600
Corrugated pipe KF25X1000mm
The vacuum degree can be reached with this system 10-1 the pa
Vacuum baffle valve KF25
VRD to 8 vacuum pump
model VRD to 8
Limiting partial pressure 5 x10-2 Pa
Inlet exhaust interface KF25
Motor speed 1440 RPM
Extraction rate 2.2 L/S
Motor power 0.4 KW
Perfeer ACP1 Oil-free multi-stage roots pump (plan 2)
Model ACP15
Power supply AC100 ~ 240V 50/60hz
Power 450 w
Exhaust interface KF25
Weight 25 kg
The maximum helium leakage rate is 5 · 10-8 Pa m3 / s
Extreme vacuum degree 0.02 Torr
The extraction rate is 14 m3 / h
model ZDR – 1
power 25 w.
Vacuum degree measurement range 0.1-10 5 Pa
Resistance silicon What ZJ had to 52 t
Sweden (INFICON) Pirani capacitance vacuum meter (optional)
model PCG554
Input voltage 24V 1A DC (equipped with 220V transformer)
Vacuum gauge interface KF16
Digital display Digital display (screen size 20x14mm), whose data display unit is torr
Product size 46mm x 28mm x 126mm (L x W x H)
The weight of the 5 LBS
Detection of gas Various gases can be detected including mixed gases, accurate and repeatable.
Whether the anti-corrosion Corrosion protection
The response time 30 ms or less
Measuring range 3.8 x10-5-1125 Torr.
Molecular pump unit (optional)
Unit input voltage 380 v / 220 v
Corrugated pipe KF40X1000
Vacuum baffle valve KF40
Case size 600 x600x600
Molecular pump  
Molecular pump model FJ620
Input voltage 380 v
Molecular pump inlet flange DN160
Molecular pump pumping rate L/S (for air) 600
Molecular pump limit pressure (Pa) 6 x 10-7
Cooling system Water cooled
Cooling water pressure (MPa) 0.1 to 0.2
Cooling water temperature < 25 ℃ < p = “” >
The environment temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃
Suggested starting pressure < 100 pa < p = “” >
Engine vacuum pump RVP – 6
power 0.75 KW
voltage 380 v
speed 1450 RPM
Inlet diameter KF25 / KF40
Pump pumping rate (L/S) 6
Ultimate pressure 4 x10-2 pa
German Pfeiffer vacuum pump
voltage 220 v
power 110 w.
Extraction interface KF40
The weight of the 150 kg
Pump speed of the front pump 0.9 m 3 / h
Extraction rate (N2) 33 m/S
Compound vacuum gauge
Compound vacuum gauge model ZDF
The power supply 220 v 55 w
Control precision Plus or minus 1%
Vacuum gauge measurement range 10-5-10 5 P


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