NST High Temperture 1200-1200-1200 Three-Temperature Zone Rotary Tube Furnace

NST High Temperture 1200-1200-1200 Three-Temperature Zone Rotary Tube Furnace


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    Size can be customized

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    CE Certified

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    Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support

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NST High Temperture 1200-1200-1200 Three-temperature Zone Rotary Tube Furnace 









pipe size(OD)(mm)

Dia 60(OD) X1400mm


Overall dimension



·         Supply voltage




Heating element

Swedish Kanthal A1 imported resistance wire (resistance wire guaranteed for 2 years)

·         Temperature control type

Using the yu electric program control thermometer (standard)

1. 30 program control temperature intelligent PID adjustment.

2, over temperature protection is broken accidentally protection with a temperature or broken accidentally electric furnace heating circuit automatically cut OFF, and, when the temperature of the furnace more than 1200 degrees or thermocouple burn out, the main circuit of ac relay will automatically disconnect, main circuit disconnect, panel ON lights, OFF the light, the limited protection electric furnace).

3. With 485 communication interface (standard and standard for choosing software)

4. It has the function of power failure protection, that is, when the power is off, the program will not start up from the beginning temperature, but the furnace will start to rise when the power is off.

5. The instrument has the function of temperature self-tuning

Chamber materials

1. High quality high pure alumina polycrystalline fiber cured furnace with vacuum suction and filter molding.

2. Adopt Japanese technology to form.

3. The spacing and pitch of the resistance wire in the furnace are arranged according to the best thermal technology of Japan, and the temperature field is simulated by thermal software

·         Flange

 Rotation speed of furnace tube

 With the infinitely variable speed motor, the speed can be adjusted (1-20 RPM/min)

 Motor Power


 Angle range of Inclination

 0 ~ 40℃

 Electric lifting support frame power


Control precision

 +/- 1 ℃

·         Trigger

 Phase-shifted trigger

Electric appliance

 Zhejiang chint

silicon controlled


maximum temperature

 1200 ℃

 rated temperature

 1100 ℃

Heating length


Heating rate

≤30 ℃/ Min (adjustable, 15 ℃/ Min is recommended

Thermocouple Type


Surrounding surface temperature


Open cover protection system

When the cover is opened, the relay will automatically cut off the main power supply to ensure the user’s safety.


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