NST High-Vacuum High-Temperature Microwave Research Furnace For Lab

NST High-Vacuum High-Temperature Microwave Research Furnace For Lab


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NST-High-vacuum High-temperature Microwave Research Furnace For Lab

The high-vacuum, high-temperature microwave research furnace is typically used for synthesis or sintering of magnetic materials, ceramics, metal powders.


Technical Parameters

1. Power supply: 380±10V/50Hz;

2. Rated power: 15 KW;

3. Microwave output power: 0.3~2.85KW continuously adjustable;

4. Microwave frequency: 2.45GHz ± 25MHz

5. Maximum use temperature: 1600 ° C;

6. Temperature measurement method: infrared thermometer (American Leitai);

7. Temperature range: 450 ° C ~ 2250 ° C;

8. System accuracy: ± (0.3% of measurement reading + 1 ° C);

9. Static vacuum degree: ≤10-3Pa;

10. Loading space: φ90×100 mm;

11. Circulating cooling water flow rate: ≥1.5m3/h;

12. Circulating cooling water pressure: ≥ 0.15MPa;

13. Circulating cooling water inlet water temperature: 5~30 °C;

14. The total hardness of circulating cooling water: <60mg / L (can be replaced by daily tap water);

15. Control system: Embedded system control mode, can be connected to PC, can realize data storage and printing function; can set multiple process curves, each curve can set 40 process parameters; with automatic / manual operation dual function;

16. Bring a protective atmosphere system;

17. Microwave leakage: <2000uw/cm2;

18. Equipment dimensions: 1700 × 2260 × 2200 mm (length × width × height)



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