NST Plasma Cleaner

NST Plasma Cleaner



1. Environmental technologies: plasma process is the role of gas – solid coherent reactor consumes no water resources, no need to add chemicals and no environmental pollution.

2. Wide adaptability: regardless of processing substrate type, such as metals, semiconductors, oxides.

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Technical Parmaters

Power supply: AC220V
Working current: Total working current not higher than1.2A (Not include the vacuum pump)
RF Power: 200W
Radio frequency: 40KHZ(offset less than 0.2Hz)
Frequency offset Less than 0.2KHz
Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohm,Automatic matching
Vacuum degree: 30Pa—100Pa
Gas flow: 10—100ml/min(Adjustable)
Process Control: MCU Automatic and manual mode
Cleaning time: 1-6000 secds adjustable
Power supply: 10%-100% Adjustable
Inside chamber size 100mm×270mm
Outside dimension: 440*390*200mm
Weight: 25Kg
Vacuum chamber temperature Less than 65°C
Cooling type: Forced cooling

1.Car industry: ignition coil engine oil seal film

2.Defense industry: Aerospace electrical connectors,Kevlar deal

3.Electronics industry: hard plastic parts, earphone, Cell phone cover

4.Medical industry: intravenous infusion, catheter treatment

5.Textile fiber,rubber and plastic industry and etc.


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